Powerful Tegreen 97

We have many powerful supplements here at Nu Skin. I want to focus on Tegreen 97.  What is Tegreen you ask?  It is our “Green tea extract product standardized to contain 97% pure green tea poly phenols”.   Why do I like Tegreen?  I love that it is not caffeinated, has no stimulants, and is natural.  I also love that it offers HUGE levels of Antioxidants which fight against Free Radicals and other harmful substances we are exposed to every day.  Whenever I start feeling sick I start taking my Tegreen. It helps me feel better and more energized.

The recommended use of Tegreen 97 is 1-4 capsules daily:  1-2 in the morning and 1-2 in the evening.   I do the Antioxidant Defense Maintenance, which is taking only 2 capsules every morning.  This dosage has already made me feel better.  If I don’t take my Tegreen, I feel like I am fighting to stay awake and pay attention to what I am doing.  I have two jobs and if I don’t take my Tegreen, I find that I am drinking soda to push me through the day. Taking Tegreen has helped regulate my system. I get tired when I am supposed to be tired, I sleep well at night, and I feel great during the day.buy cheap cialis online no prescription

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Tegreen is a safe product recommended for all adults.  The dosage you take will depend on what you are looking to gain from it, if you take it regularly you will feel a difference.  You can take it by itself, or with a LifePak product.  I recommend LifePak Nano because it is Nu Skin’s best multivitamin, including Omega 3 oils which promote brain function and digestive health.  I highly recommend you try the Tegreen 97 – it will help you start feeling better now.

Nicole Workman
Provo Experience Center, Nu Skin

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