AC Shake Pumpkin Pie


Have you seen our latest Episode of G-Mack? This week’s recipe features Vanilla AC shake with pumpkin. This shake has a distinctly different taste from the usual vanilla shake. So if you’re

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ready to shake up your taste buds this one is for you.

Ingredients (4 servings):
4 cups almond milk
4 scoops AC Shake
1 cup 100% pumpkin (frozen in ice cube trays)
4 water-soaked medjool dates
1 tsp pumpkin spice


9 thoughts on “AC Shake Pumpkin Pie

  1. Just had it! It really tastes like pumpkin pie, I really felt like I was cheating the healthy side of a shake. No whip cream needed.

  2. I can’t wait start on AC Shake with the recipes~looks so nutritous! Thanks for the recipes!
    Rita Campbell

  3. Would you have the nutritional breakdown on this shake if it was made with Protein Boost instead of the AC shake?

  4. If you’re seriously trying to lose weight, why play around with these shake recipes that only increase calories, fat and sugar content? Weren’t they designed to be taken as-is? If people think that they HAVE to doctor these shakes up to be able to enjoy them, that doesn’t say much for the product does it?

    • The Protein Boost wasn’t created as a stand alone product and needs to be mixed with other ingredients. It is only 60 calories per serving.

      The AC shakes can be taken stand alone but they still only have 160 calories in them. For someone doing 2 shakes and one sensible meal this wouldn’t provide enough calories for a full day. If you want to do the shakes alone they can be taken that way and then you can add in a couple of healthy snacks between meals. Or you can add to the shake to add variety while still keeping it under the 400 calorie mark. These recipes are created to still provide a great low calorie healthy meal, keep you feeling full and the variety should help with boredom.

      I hope this helps!

    • Although most people know that prtieon shakes are a good way to supplement your diet, be sure you know the difference between those designed for weight loss, and those designed for weight gain! Shakes such as those mentioned here are great for weight loss (no dairy, not overly sweet, etc). And, they taste great! Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating blah, boring food. I experiment a lot- adding different fruits, berries, nuts, even mixing the different flavors of shake mixes. Have fun with them!

  5. Lurette – here is the nutritional information if you use protein boost instead of AC Vanilla

    Calories: 207
    Fat: 3 g
    Carbs: 35 g
    Fiber: 5.5
    Protein: 14 g

  6. It is so good but the sugar contents is too high Any
    other recipe with less carbs and sugar?

    • We are working on posting lots of variety in our recipes. There will be lots with less sugars and carbs. We also have several recipes listed on that you can try out.