Chasing Dreams: Ada Wong

Ada Wong, one of our newest Diamond Executives and fresh off the Success Trip – Bermuda, has quickly established herself as an influential member of our distributor force. She has spent the majority of her career as a flight attendant, ensuring a comfortable, regular voyage between Hong Kong and Vancouver, BC for each of her passengers. This extensive international travel fostered a love for meeting new people and a vast network of friends and contacts.

Amidst her travels, Ada became friends with Team Elite Philip Cheung. Over the course of many years they spent a considerable amount of time traveling together across the Pacific. However, it was only nine months ago when flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that Ada finally attended one of Philip’s landmark seminars and discovered firsthand the potential of the Nu

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Skin opportunity.

Ada began to develop her Nu Skin business part time, “but with a full time attitude.” She spent considerable effort to learn from Philip and other leaders and implement their duplication strategies seamlessly into her organization. This has invigorated Ada, inspiring her to exclaim “Because of Nu Skin, I find my days happier. I’m full of energy each morning when I wake up and then I’m off, chasing my dreams until it’s time for bed.”

And it’s not just

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those dreams and the success she has found that motivates her daily – it’s the commitment to becoming a force for good. This drive to aid those in need and shape the world for the better through her business is what inspires her to overcome the recurring challenges in her way, while defining her personal vision for success.

“Believe. Follow. Cooperate” has become her mantra in her short time with the company and the results are evidenced in her flourishing organization. We are excited to partner with Ada as she further develops into an astounding Nu Skin leader.


Ingredients for Success: An Interview with Nu Skin President and CEO Truman Hunt

Many publicly held direct selling companies have battled against negative perceptions created over the last 18 months by short sellers and some very vocal attacks on the direct selling distribution channel. But what seemed like a storm of negativity may now be revealing its proverbial silver lining, as many defenders of direct selling have risen to the challenge to debate the issues on Wall Street, in Washington, on the Web, and in coffee shops and conversations around the world. In recent weeks, it appears the loud and negative voices are receding. Stock prices of some of our most notable public companies have definitely rebounded. The direct selling industry is continuing to grow, here in the U.S. and globally, indicating a strong consumer and shareholder confidence.

One public company in particular, Nu Skin Enterprises, generated quite a buzz when on July 9 it released new guidance for 2013. The very next day, share prices rose dramatically, as investors and potential investors clearly responded very well to the announcement and indicated a very strong confidence in Nu Skin’s ability to sustain its growth bouncy castle sales.

DSN Publisher John Fleming sat down with Nu Skin President and CEO Truman Hunt to discuss the factors behind this confident marketplace reaction.

JF: Certainly this has been exciting for Nu Skin, but I believe it’s also exciting for the industry. The rise in stock price seems to be an indication that there is very strong confidence in what Nu Skin is doing, and that it’s all sustainable. That is good news! In my experience, growth is typically propelled by good things impacting the independent contractors in a positive way. Is this what’s happening here?

TH: Yes. In our case, those “good things” began about six or seven years ago when we had to take a hard look at our business after investing significantly in China on the prospect of changes in regulations that the country was making, which would open it to direct selling. Once they came out, they weren’t what the industry expected. Consequently, our sales tailed off as we recognized we had to reformat our business to be compliant with their new regulations. At the same time, sales in Japan—our largest market—were also tailing off, and we were going up against difficult movements in the yen, all of which worked against our top-line growth.

As a public company, we don’t have the luxury of not growing! It was time for us to decide how we wanted to create an advantage in the marketplace and put together a winning and sustainable strategy. This resulted in some fairly big business transitions. At the

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time, we were operating three distinct opportunities in Nu Skin, Pharmanex and Big Planet. We also had distinct management teams over each of those three divisions, and all of them were competing for the attention of our salesforce. We had become large and unwieldy in many ways.

So we reconfigured our strategy, deciding we do better when we offer a very focused presentation to our salesforce rather than sending them down multiple paths. It was a difficult time as we trimmed the corporate staff, but this change in strategy is actually when the tide turned. We started to see month-over-month growth, and then year-over-year growth, which became more reflective in our top-line growth around 2009. Since then, our growth rate has just accelerated.

JF: What would you say are the three key drivers in this process? Can you provide examples of how they work for you?

TH: The three key drivers are focus, alignment and good execution. We’ve continued to apply the principles of focus to our growth initiatives. We align ourselves internally and externally with our sales leaders, and then we make sure we don’t let people down with execution failures. And, back to China, we are obviously enjoying a huge uptick in our business in the Greater China region. Mainland China is just in full-blown momentum, and we’re thankful that Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea are all also seeing growth.

JF: I have read elsewhere about your emphasis on the product launch process—that it’s the culmination of a process that’s been going on for months, and leads to a special moment when the product becomes official and available. Would you share that process with us?

TH: Yes, our product launch process is a big part of how the execution of our growth initiatives has changed over the years. Before, when we would launch a product, we thought it would be great if our sales leaders were just blown away by the compelling products we would reveal to them at our conventions, because they were showing up not knowing anything about what would be launched. For us, a better approach now is to start many months ahead of time—in our case, a year ahead—and bring in key leaders from around the world, then the region, then the country and align the leaders with the upcoming launch.

By getting out in front of a product launch with strategically timed messages to the field and offering the products on a limited-time basis so they could only buy at the global convention—and then not buy for several months until we launched regionally or in a country—we’re generating a dynamic and momentous response to the launch.

JF: So you are seeing value in aligning those leaders long in advance and are launching products together instead of the company doing something to them or for them?

TH: Exactly. That is exactly the point. We are focusing on a single initiative, aligning sales leaders globally behind it, and executing a limited-time offer on the new product launch in conjunction with a corporate event—and doing it all in a very efficient and effective fashion. This phase of the launch process allows us to build even greater excitement within the sales network and generate significant levels of awareness and product trial within our consumer group. These things are all combining to yield both increasingly large product launches and the dynamic business growth we are seeing today.

From an execution standpoint, another thing that has really changed for us is our product pipeline. Frankly, in the past, most of the time our product launches were a scramble. We weren’t talking about product launches in advance because we weren’t sure what they were going to be! But now, our product pipeline is literally full for at least the next five years, and we know exactly what we are going to do.

With a global footprint and very different regulatory environments in all of the countries in which

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we operate, having a long-term plan is very important. In some of these markets, it can take years to get a product registered for sale.

JF: Has your change in strategy created any changes in the way your consultants conduct and grow their businesses?

TH: Yes, I think one of the biggest psychological shifts for our sales leaders was that they had to become convinced about the power of alignment. They are very independent and strong-minded people who tend to want to do the business their own ways and on their own schedules. It’s taken years for us to continually inform and train our sales leaders about what’s working and how the business is most effectively executed.

We’re further ahead on this in some markets than we are in others, but it’s becoming increasingly easier for them to do that as they witness very personally the power of alignment in their commission checks. Last spring, when we did a couple of very big launches in Southeast Asia and Greater China, in one month we cut 10 record commission checks. That incentive is powerful and is helping our sales leaders align with this strategy and this approach.

JF: As we wrap up, share with us your thoughts on the future of our industry.

TH: I am passionate about our product categories and the innovation we can put into the marketplace from a product perspective, but we’re really about improving people’s lives. Frankly it’s the thing I love the most about our business. We are changing lives when we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a business with very, very little capital at risk, that provides them with a significant upside and the ability to control their economic future. I just don’t see a better platform anywhere for entrepreneurs to do that.

It’s become increasingly difficult for people to take entrepreneurial risk—because of the magnitude of the downside of taking that kind of risk—where hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of capital are required to do anything of an entrepreneurial nature. That is why I think direct selling continues to have a very vibrant future. There is no other alternative that provides the downside protection and the upside benefit that our platform provides. I think that is what’s going to power us through the criticism that comes our way and what’s going to continue to enable us to grow.

Success Story: Niurka Gomez

Originally hailing from Venezuela, Niurka began her career in marketing. After a few years of experience, Niurka started her own advertising business with a close friend, with only her cell phone and her son’s computer as infrastructure. From these humble beginnings, Niurka developed a flourishing business that soon employed twenty people and successfully secured multiple national contracts. After immigrating to Miami in support of her husband’s career, Niurka continued to develop and support her business internationally.

In January 2011 however, the

contracts were canceled and the agency quickly entered crisis mode. The strain of these losses, coupled with the difficulty in managing from afar, left Niurka with no option but to return to Venezuela to salvage the business.

While facing this looming defeat, her friend Andreina reached out to her with the promise of an alternative opportunity that could allow Niurka to remain in the US, if it proved successful. Providing a facial demonstration, Andreina introduced Niurka to Nu Skin’s anti-aging product line and she was immediately intrigued.

Shortly thereafter, Niurka began her business and quickly established herself as an Executive leader. Taking a trip to corporate headquarters, Niurka recognized that Nu Skin had the potential to reward and empower her far beyond what her traditional business could offer.

In April 2012, she decided to close the doors on the advertising agency and dedicate 100% of her time to Nu Skin. Her business has transformed from a traditional structure to one built on partners (not employees), working from home, free of high operating costs, and fostering team-work with a new family – her up lines and organization!

Being and belonging to a force

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good probably.

for good fundamentally inspires Niurka daily. Her new dream is

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to have an organization with

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thousands of distributors all around the world, sharing with each of them the opportunity and aiding them in looking and living younger.

South East Success Story: Mallory Moss

Our Executive Spotlight for the Southeast Region this month is Mallory Moss. Mallory is an Executive from Forsyth, Georgia. In just three months with Nu Skin, she has produced

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amazing results; Mallory became a Nourish the Children Ambassador – averaging around 75 bags of VitaMeal per month.

“Mallory Moss is getting National attention as she is driving a lot of

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attention to her business, “The Mallory Project.” In three short months, Mallory achieved Ambassador for Nourish the Children and became an Executive Distributor. You may be wondering, “What’s special about that, people do that all the time.” Mallory is a very special person considering the challenges she has faced – she is a Special Needs Adult! At the age of 5, Mallory developed severe epilepsy. For most individuals with epilepsy, seizures are controlled with medication, but that would not be the case for Mallory. She struggled with her seizures, but maintained an A average in elementary school. Unfortunately, by the age of 9, Mallory’s seizures had progressed to the point she could no longer function and was forced into a wheelchair. There were no other options available but to resort to brain surgery. Over a fourteen month time span, physicians removed most of Mallory’s left frontal lobe

and separated the right and left sides of her brain by 2/3rds. As a result of the surgery and uncontrolled seizure activity, Mallory became developmentally delayed. Despite this, Mallory is very functional and graduated from High School with a Special Needs Diploma.


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December, The Mallory Project, LLC was developed to provide Mallory with an opportunity to continue her work serving the less fortunate and create a business of her own. Mallory is a visual learner and has become quite the spokesperson for Nourish the Children and the Force for Good Foundation. Last month, Mallory was responsible for 74 VitaMeal donations, the majority of which were on monthly ADRs. In addition, Mallory had customers purchase other products such as Future

Serum and Body Galvanic. Mallory is very proud to have accomplished her early goals with Nu Skin, she has business cards, her own business, and in fact has become part of the Force for Good – now you know the rest of the story. Mallory’s story was published as a nationally syndicated news story in 2001 entitled, “A Little Girl’s Brain.” She has also been featured in Woman’s World Magazine and other periodicals. Mallory is responsible for a law on the Georgia books entitled “Mallory’s Act” that provides permanent

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extensions to the age of 18 for permanently disabled children’s parking permits. “


The success of Hong-Hua Li

Hong-Hua Li

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is no stranger to hard work and dedication. After coming to the United States in 1987 to pursue a Ph. D. in Molecular Biology, she went on to work at both UCLA and Stanford University as a faculty member. This extensive scientific background has played a crucial role in preparing her for

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Nu Skin’s unique business opportunity and products.

Like many of our distributors, Hong-Hua was introduced to Nu Skin through a casual interaction with friends. Invited to a friend’s office to listen to Team Elite Lin Xie and Blue Diamond Hailing Yu, Hong-Hua got to experience a “half-face demo” of the ageLOC Galvanic Spa and was thoroughly impressed by both the immediate results and credible science associated with the device. After initial exposure to the opportunity, she worked diligently and reached Executive status in a very short period of time.

However, achieving such rapid success and becoming a Diamond level Executive hasn’t bee

n easy. She shared recently that “I’ve always remembered one lesson I learned while attending Team Elite University: It generally takes over a thousand presentations to reach Blue Diamond status. I recognized that each ‘no’ I receive while presenting has actually helped me draw closer to that total number of presentations, refined my abilities as a leader and speaker, and has kept me motivated to reach that dream of Blue Diamond.” That refreshing, positive outlook spills over into her perspective on leadership as well. “Giving up is not an option because I feel responsible for my team’s success. To me, success is measured by how many people on my team make it to the top with me. My only choice is to persevere!”

And by that standard, Hong-Hua is quite successful. She has qualified to attend the North America Success Trip to Bermuda in July 2013, along with 2 members of her team already qualified, and potentially six more! As she stands on the cusp of reaching her goal of Blue Diamond status, we extend to her our most heartfelt encouragement and look forward to recognizing her formally when she accomplishes her dream. Please join us in celebrating Hong-Hua’s exceptional attitude and success.


The Success of one, is the success of another.

Ileane Frank, Ruby Executive from Green Brook, NJ

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, David. We celebrated 22 years of marriage on November 27th of this year. We have 3 great kids, our daughters Alyssa (age 17), Sophie (age 11) and our son Max (age 15). Sophie is a champ at recruiting people. She wants me to sign her up to do the business. I told her she has to wait a few more years. My kids keep me in recruiting mode. There is no one safe around them, they are always identifying people everyplace we go and telling me to prospect them. They keep me on my toes.

I have a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Psychology from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. I had my own graphic design and marketing business for 20+ years. I had also been dabbling in another direct sales company and became an Area Manager for them. I was selling their products for 3 years. Then I got burned. Products that said they were back ordered never came in and were actually discontinued. Having taken cash for most of my sales at the time, I had to refund back a lot of money and this was all during the market crash in 2008-09. My husband is a financial adviser working solely on commission so that was a huge financial hit for us. I was super disappointed with the company I had spent 3 years of my life working with.

In January of 2010, my childhood friend, Ian Ziering called me to see if I wanted to join him in this new business venture he was embarking on. When he told me it was a direct sales business I could not hang up the phone fast enough. After having that bad experience that was the last thing I wanted to embark on. Then for the following month I dodged calls from both Ian and Laura Kall. In the meant

ime, my husband and I were struggling financially trying to rebuild for our families future. I had lost a bunch of my bread and butter accounts after the crash and had to rebuild my entire business. After 20 years, you get tired. It was like starting all over again. My husband David had been doing his research behind the scenes on Nu Skin and Pharmanex and one night he said he wanted to talk. He told me it was a publicly traded company, the stock was looking very good and that many companies had rated it quite high. I went online and did my own research and found that the products seemed different than anything else out there. My husband said he would support me if I wanted to “get back in the game.” I called Laura Kall back and had a three way call with Ian Ziering. I was in. Of course at the time I did not know what a rock star she is in this company.

Most of what I am doing now is supporting my downline. I am usually the one to be low on volume because I am busy trying to

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solidify my downline legs. I talk to everyone that will listen. I am always trying to find my next “Ace”. My family is super supportive which makes a big difference.

My advice to any new Distributor Executive would be: This is an easy business to get discouraged. There are going to be days when you don’t feel like you have the energy to do this business. There are going to be days you want to give up. The thing is, if you do give up you will never know what you are capable of doing, or having. This business is a gift. You were given this opportunity to change your life. Sure you are going to hit bumps along the way, but you’ve got to pick yourself up and move on. If you keep your eye on the prize and ignore the obstacles that fall in your path you are sure to be successful. It takes time to build a great business, but the trip is a ton of fun and the prize will be well worth the effort!

Ileane is qualified for the January Success Trip Cruise. This will be her first success trip with Nu Skin. What an incredible example of a hard working leader!


Trick-or-Treat on Center Street


me downtown for the best Trick or

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Treating in Provo! Over 50 businesses on Center Street will be

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wonderful on or how much does cialis cost shampoo

Shampoo and? Have buy qnexa online no prescription would and Normally may light results box cardboard buy cefixime without prescription and to: good found sensitive shiny the to . Means curls canadian health
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passing out candy from 3-6pm on Wednesday, October 31. Plus, enjoy a magic show on the steps on the Utah Valley Convention Center and a costume contest with great prizes! Downtown Provo is the best place to be for a safe and fun Halloween for the whole family!

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Claudia Bentley – Remember Your Dream

Claudia Bentley, Blue Diamond in the United States originally from El Salvador, has been with the company for

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4 years. Before turning Nu Skin business to a full-time job, Claudia worked as a dental ceramist. Today she enjoys working and traveling with her husband Derek Bentley and the benefits Nu Skin has given them throughout the past four years.

Claudia had her first contact with Nu Skin when her husband Derek was invited to a “Prosperity Party”. His friend Deanna Buell insisted on Derek bringing his
wife to the party. They knew each other through a community of investors. Derek, Claudia’s husband, is an investor in RE, but back then they had very strong economic pressure through the RE business.

A week before the party, Claudia had asked God for a new job opportunity where she could be creative and serve people, as her current work was consuming long hours of dedication. She worked a 10 to 14 hour shift seven days a week and was getting tired of maintaining the same routine and not seeing a prosperous future.

When they got to the prosperity party, they saw that everyone was using the Galvanic Spa on their faces and then they did the same. Derek and Claudia experienced a demo and after that, Claudia’s husband took her hand and led her out of the meeting. Luckily,
Claudia did the demo on half of her face but was annoyed that Derek didn’t want to get the Galvanic Spa for them. Derek assured her that there was nothing that could do what they promised it could do with the Galvanic Spa, because his father is a famous makeup artist in Hollywood and claimed he knew what works and doesn’t work on the skin.

She says: “I insisted that I wanted my spa and the next day I asked him to call his friend and asked her what we had to do. I purchased my business package and began my j

ourney with Nu Ski

n and a week later I had my first contact. Now he and I enjoy learning, traveling and working together.”

Claudia takes very good care of her health. She really likes Pharmanex products, especially Lifepak Nano,Vitality and G3. Of course, she knows that beauty is important

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and sometimes people don’t have much time to devote themselves to it, that’s why Tru Face Essence Ultra goes beyond being her favorite, she considers it her “hero”.

Claudia says one of the reasons she joined Nu Skin is that people should remember their dream and what the important things in their life are. And, make sure if you work and fight for that dream, anything is possible: “I’ve always heard in my country (El Salvador) that America is the land of opportunity and since I arrived here, I was prepared to find all those opportunities. The business that you can

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create with Nu Skin opens up many more possibilities. I’ve always had an open heart and mind, and I could see that Nu Skin is the vehicle that helps you achieve your dreams and more. “

In Claudia’s personal opinion as a leader in the U.S. Hispanic market, it is very clear that the timing is perfect, since the majority of Hispanics who leave their countries come to this country in search of opportunities. “In the U.S. you find people from Latin America and all around the world where you can have access to develop, acquire and learn from other great leaders of Nu Skin. Then you can take those leadership skills to the other countries. Latinos know how to work hard and Nu Skin gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. “

“My advice is based around Nu Skin’s mission, which is to give us the power to improve your life by generating a business that will change your life and the lives of our
family. It will help you become a force for good in the world. It already did that with mine. If you’re ready to improve your life, your family life and others lives, you will find that Nu Skin will become that opportunity you want. Dream, work hard, dare, and join
the Nu Skin family. “


The gift of a $100 dollar bill – Jenn Pipe

Friday morning, I (grudgingly) got up early to go out for a walk. My colleague, Tricia Koylion, had already been in the gym for an hour and I contemplated just staying in bed to read a book. But, Sam Silverstein’s message about being accountable to yourself rang in my head, so I got up and put on the sweats. It was still dark and Tricia decided to join me. We had no idea where we were going when we walked out of the hotel, so we just started walking and looked for the straightest route possible so we wouldn’t get lost. Tricia and I are

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new business partners and we did not have a prior relationship before she joined my team, so we are still very much in that “getting to know you” phase. We started talking and one thing led to another. We ended up getting into this pretty deep conversation about religion, spirituality, and what Nu Skin has done for me — especially on a personal development level. As we were talking, we delved deeper into the fact that she and I don’t have a lot in common in terms of politics and religion, but our common threads are the power of Karma, our love for our families, and our desire to be better people. I was telling Tricia about my belief in my one Universal Truth: that regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, tax bracket, or sexual orientation, I truly believe that people make decisions based on their reality and they truly try to do the best they can with the tools the have available.

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I believe people are products of their upbringing and their environments, and all decisions are made based on your own personal belief system and values, regardless of whether those decisions are morally upstanding,

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socially acceptable, or not. As I am walking and talking, I catch something laying on the sidewalk out of the corner of my eye. It is still not yet dawn, and I look down to find a $100 bill laying at my feet. Now, at least a half a dozen people had crossed over that same spot on foot while we were

walking. I was in complete disbelief. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!! I mean, you find a penny and it is supposed to be good luck..what does $100 mean?! I picked it up and we both got goosebumps. It was in a remote enough area, not near a gas station or home or store where I could return it to a rightful owner. It was just laying on this exercise path on a busy road in Provo. I decided on the spot that the $100 was going to go to a good cause, so I donated all of it to the Force for Good Foundation on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t my $100 to spend on product or Nu Skin swag or even dinner. But, it was $100 that was perfect for helping someone a lot less fortunate; someone who probably doesn’t have the luxury of going out on an early morning walk in a beautiful mountainous region with a friend and business partner.

I should also mention that this has been a tough year for me in Nu Skin. I have had many moments when I have pondered whether this business is hard for me because it is a hard business, or if it is hard for me because I am not meant to be here. I have had moments where I felt inadequate as both a business woman and a team leader. I have had moments where I felt stuck and like the inertia was dragging me down. I have also had moments when I have contemplated giving up because things are not going as smoothly or as quickly as I envision in my head. I took this $100 as a sign that I AM meant to be here. I also took is as a sign that 2012-2013 is meant to not only be my best year yet, but also my launching pad for true brilliance. Thank you for letting me share my story. Being a part of this company is truly a privilege.

Jenn Pipe

Franklin, MA USA


Sharing the Business Every Day: Marco Mastrantonio’s Story

My name is Marco Mastrantonio and I have been married to my

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beautiful wife Sally for nearly 20 years and blessed with 2 children, Monica (17) and Matteo (15). We live in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

After obtaining my Business Degree at Simon Fraser University, I set out into the workforce to land an exciting career and work my way up the corporate ladder like I was taught through university and my childhood upbringing. I was hungry to succeed and spent close to 20 years working at a J-O-B.

Over that 20-year span, I found myself regrettably moving from company to company every 3-4 years. This was due, not to my lack of personal success nor 100% effort and commitment to my employer as I consistently achieved top sales and numerous awards, rather it was a result of a myriad of circumstances outside of my personal control… company downsize, internal company politics, very poor management decisions, worsening economy etc. Nevertheless, I continued to update my resume to secure that next position. I continued to do a fantastic job of trading time for money while building someone else’s dreams. I did not know any better.

My Sponsor reached out to me on a 3-way call with his upline. He proceeded to share with me the difference between linear and leveraged income. This was the first time in my life I heard of a business opportunity that could dramatically change the course of my life forever from the path I was on for t

he last 20 years.

What really spoke to me during that initial call was that I was running out of runway. If I continued to just rent my life away to someone else, I was going to burn out and have nothing really to show for it at the end. My decision to join Nu Skin began initially on a part time basis and it has continued to be an amazing journey to this day.

In the same year I reached the Ruby Executive title with Nu Skin, I was laid off from my last job. This was one of the most important decisions of my life when I decided to take my Nu Skin business full time with the 100% support of my wife.

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IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE EVER MADE. I am currently a Diamond Executive with Nu Skin.

What I truly enjoy most about Nu Skin and find most rewarding is sharing our science based products and the residual leveraged business vehicle with new people every day. I also love being the messenger to help people realize what is truly possible if they are open minded to learning and becoming more.

I am truly grateful for all the amazing Leaders in my Nu Skin Organization as well as my supportive upline team. I am always working harder on myself than I do on my Nu Skin business which I know will continue to serve me well.

***Marco’s Sales Manager, Elizabeth Graver shared: “Marco has a way of making his tenacity look effortless. There is a finesse he displays in every corner of his business which to others may appear simple. Yet, I know few people are working harder at this business than Marco.”

What an incredible example of taking charge of your life and working hard

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for success. We congratulate you Marco!***